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If you are interested in becoming an ambassador, please email us at with the following information:

1. Full Name

2. State/ Country

3. What is Your Age?

4. How Often Do You Ride?

5. How Often Do You Compete?

6. Have You Purchased From The Braided Mane Before?

7. Why Would You Like To Become An Ambassador For Our Company?

8. If you have Instagram, what is your Instagram name? If you do not have Instagram, what social media platform do you use and how many followers do you have? 


All Ambassadors receive a discount code for personal use and a referral code for anyone who shops under them. Ambassadors are given a 1 month probationary period. If an ambassador is chosen who has not purchased from our shop before, they are given two weeks from the time they are chosen to purchase a TBM product. 

Ambassadors are required to post about The Braided Mane ONCE a week whether it is on your story or newsfeed tagging The Braided Mane in the post. Promotions of new products, sales, or giveaways are a requirement. 


*Thank you for your entry*